Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Lesson

Life is about the process of learning. everyday we will face the different things in our life. Either it is the good things or the bad things. The most important is how you are going to handle them.

Here I would like to share with you about the lesson that I've learned during my school time. It was when I was in standard six. Normally, a primary students not cares much on their educational aspect but what they care the most is they only want to have fun at school by mi9nggling with their friends by doing something stupid and nonsense that can make them feel happy about it.

At that time, going to school is the most interesting thing to do because at home, there was no one to play with as compared to school where there were a lot of friends to play with. Moreover in my school there was also a beautiful playground where I and my friends often spent our free time by playing hide and seek game.

In was studied in 6 Merah. By looking at the name of my class it had already told you how dull and boring the class was. There were 26 students in my class including me. I was the monitor of the class and also the prefect of the school. In school, I need to learn mathematics, Science , Geography , Bahasa Malaysia and also English.

Enough of elaborating about my school.......

Not to beat around the bush, my lesson began when I was being punished by my Mathematics teacher who I still remember her name which begins with the letter S.....The problem was I did not write my name on my exercise book and Miss S got really angry with me and what she did was she pulled my ears and it was extremely hard and painful. I couldn't even felt my ears. It was such an embracing moment and I really felt bad about it and I couldn't accept it and I had started to get angry and the anger in me was unbearable anymore and I went back to my seat and my tears was bursting out. I was in fire and that time, I was out of control and what I did was I threw my table in front of the class and stared at Miss S like wanted to swallow her in one shot! I was really angry with her. After that, she went out of the class and I went to the toilet to wash my face. That was the end of the day.

The day after the day, Miss S was not came to school and what I heard was she had already being transferred to another school because she requested for it. I was quite shocked about it but in the same time I also felt satisfied with it because i will never see he anymore. Although I was angry about it but from that case, I have learned a lesson which was never forgot to write my name on my exercise book.

Now I am studying in a teacher learning institution in Perak. One fine day I will also become a teacher. I am just hoping for the best. Anyway, life is like a ball which sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you are at the bottom. Which means that sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. Sometimes that is your day and sometimes the another way will happen. So, the most important is just be patient in whatever consequences that approaches us in life. Never give up! Learn from mistakes and strive for the better.....Have a nice day...

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  1. is it really happened to you dear?
    u never mention about the crying part to me.
    the love of my life forgot to put his name on an exercise book 7 years ago.

    kewl... :)