Saturday, October 23, 2010

my nekchan

This is my buddy. I bought it here in The UK. Just about 2 pounds. I've bought one of this before in Malaysia for someone but it died because the person is too exited to water it.haha..never mind...I'll try my best to take care of  my buddy and see after three years am I manage to grow it?hmm...wait for it..My Nekchan will grow healthy and big....


Oh momonku.....

My Lovely Momon

Every night I can't sleep without my momon, It is freaking awesome, cute and soft. 
I can sleep just by hugging it for 2 minutes then I'll lost in my sleep.
 It is very comfy and moreover it is something that really meaningful to me. 
Although I'm far from her but as I hold momon I know that she is always in my heart. 
In my heart. All the time. And I know that she will never 
stop loving me till her last breadth.  

Love you dear.....


This is my first time I got flu here in the UK. It has made me very uncomfortable.
 I can't focus in the class. I was very sleepy throughout the day. 
My head was very heavy. All I did in class was just listen but my mind was blank.
 Don't know what the lectures were trying to say. I really hate this situation.
 Hope that my flu will recover soon. Today is like my worst day as I really passive in class.
 Don't know what am I doing. I was sneezing in class. It was really disturbing and annoying.
 Hmm...Throughout the class my eyes was warm and my nose is itchy. It was cold. 

The reason being why I got the flu is maybe because yesterday  went out in one piece and
 only wearing a piece of cloth. Not wearing my sweater and so on. I thought that it won't be that cold. 
But, that day was very cold. I was shaking. It was like being immersed into the refrigerator.
 I can't stand the cold. I regret of wearing just a piece of cloth.

 The next day I start to feel bad.. My body was weak. 
Then my nose starts to become itchy. Then I realise that I am having flu..
Hmmm...I really hate when I have flu. everything seems to be hard to me. I can't do almost everything. 
My head can't think of anything . It is like jam. I'm stuck. 

Flu....please leave me alone... I wANT TO BE HEALTHY......