Friday, November 4, 2011

What friends meant to you??

Friends...yeah.some people might say that friend is a person where you can ask for help, opinion, shares problems, be with you while you need them, celebrate your birthday. 

For me, FRIEND means sincere. You may find a thousand friends but its hard to get a TRUE friend. True friends never give up hope on you, always supporting you in whatever way, knows what best for you and most importantly wants the best for both of you whether in study, religion as well as other aspect in life. Its good to have a TRUE friend. It makes our lives more meaningful. 


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A letter from a son to a mother that he misses a lot .... :(

Ibu...I miss you...

Dear Ibu,

I miss you so much since I got here in the UK. being so far from you, thousands miles away makes my heart soft and weak. I just want you to know that I love you mom... Sorry for my rudeness, bad tempered and my wrong deed. I just frustrated with myself. Sorry for everything mom. Thanks for being the one who always there for me through ups and down. I miss you mom. I just want to be a good son for you. Mom, I promise to you mom, whatever it takes even if I have to die for you, I will mom.As long as the smile stays on your face. I love you so much...I miss you mom. My  tears drop while I'm typing this letter to you. Hoping that you know how I miss you...Mom, I promise you I will take good care of you until my last breadth.

With Love,


Its a new Academic Term..

Me and Big Bro
Went back for Malaysia was a wonderful moment in my life after spending almost one year in The UK. I'm happy to see my lovely family members faces. They miss me a lot. So do I. here is nothing more meaningful and wonderful then having to spend my summer holiday with them.

For almost one year, there are a few changes happens in my family. My second sister is engaged and is getting married soon. It was such a memorable moment in her life as well as mine as I feel that she is getting old.hahah.No, just feel that she is too early to get married and there will be less people among our siblings who hasn't got married yet which left me and my big brother. haha.. Whatever it is, I pray to Allah may their relationship be blessed and stays forever unless death comes. I wouldn't be able to witness my sister's wedding i guess as I have class and I won't be able to skip the class as I'm afraid that I might not be able to catch up with the study. So, I can just pray for the best!

There are also changes on my big brother. Funny thing is he is getting 'buncit' haha.. I don't know why. Maybe he did not exercise. Now I think he already work in Singapore. Alhamdulillah. I always pray to God to guide him to the right path throughout his life as he is the only hope that my father has if my father leaves this  temporary world. I believe he will be a good one.

My mother, she was still busy with her tailoring stuff. She makes curtain and cushion. As it was near Hari Raya, she needs to work overtime. I did help her to stitch  some curtains and cushion. As my mother is busy doing her job, I'm the one who cooked for the family sometimes..ahhahaa.. But the real thing is I am the one who settle all the cleaning and washing. thats the only thing I good at. I also have the chance to pray Jamaah with my mother. Alhamdulillah.

My father. He just live the same. It's only that he is getting old and he looks tired. i was about to cry when I saw his face. Hmm.. I love him so much but I don;t know how to show it.huhu..weird right?? hmm..but everything just the same but I did buy him some shirts and hoping that he likes it. and he does. We did play badminton together during the weekend. he brought be to some places to play with his friends. He also bought me 2 rackets and a badminton bag and a pair of badminton shoes. Hmm..Yeah..I know he loves me.. :).. Thanks ayah..

My eldest sister already got a government job. Alhamdulillah. her life Insya Allah will get better. Hopefully :).

Haaa!!!! Not forget my lovely charming soul mate :) wink wink!! hehe
I was so happy to meet her. For almost one year we haven't met each other. My first impression after seeing her was. 'Is this my girl friend? ermm....why is it that she is quite I growing or she is getting smaller?' offence my dear..hehhe...but she still cute and charming as always :) We did spent our summer together, having fun, watching movies together, running at the beach, photo-shoot, eat, spend time together , we watch each others face and look into each others eye and then have a big laugh of it.hahahha...I manage to sing some lovely songs to her in front of all people at the beach.haha. How awesome it was..ngahahha.3month holiday with her has being an amazing moment in my life. Thanks for loving me since we first met till now my love. U have been the most wonderful person that I ever had in my life. I will never ever let  you go. saaaaayyyaaang die!!!!

After all those moment, I realize that sometimes when they are around us, we kind of not much appreciate them. I did have some fight with my siblings and sometimes with my parents. Sometimes I did feel bad about things but. After all, I know that they love me more than I can think. They meant so much to me. So, put your family as the most priority after Allah and Rasulullah. Never hurts their feelings. Appreciate them while they still around you. Love you guys Always... :)

I Love this Girl... :)

My father paling kiri, my mother paling kanan

I Love them more than my life

Shopping with IBU!!!  :)

Ibu and our beloved Jack

Wife to be and kak long

sending of time...sob...sob...

Tears can never show how much I love them and how much they meant to me. I promise to myself, as long as I'm still alive, I will never give up hope on them.

With Love...


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teacher's day In Alton Tower 16 May 2011

This is my first time going to a big theme park after Genting Highlands. Now this is Alton Tower which is kind of similar with Genting Highlands but it was more more exciting and I would say CRAZY!!! haha..only the one who has the extreme self confidence and gut can go through all those extraordinary machines..hahha..for me...naaahh...I prefer peaceful and relax entertainment. I've tried some of the games..but only the simple2 one..

I started my day at Alton Tower by taking photo with Sonic! My favorite cartoon character when I was kid. yeah! It was great!

like siblings...

Then I went in the theme park and saw a game station. Then I would like to try my luck coz seems that I can manage to hit the plate.I have determination to go for this game..The rule is.. You need to pay 2pounds, then they will  give you 3 wooden balls. then you need to hit 3 plates with the balls. Meaning one ball hit one plate. So all balls need to hit the plate without a miss. Its quite challenging and nobody get through it before as it is hard. Hehe..

After trying the second time, I mane to hit three plates with three wooden balls. yeay! Now we got the winner! haha..this is what I got as my reward


 Yeah! This trip was amazing and I really have such a wonderful day with my friends...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Itiraf..Ampunkan dosa-dosa hambamu Ya Allah...


Wahai Tuhan ku tak layak ke syurga Mu
Namun tak pula aku sanggup ke neraka Mu

Ampunkan dosa ku terimalah taubat ku
Sesungguhnya Engkaulah Pengampun dosa-dosa besar

(arabic verse)
Ila hilis tu lilfirdausi ahla
Wala aqwa alnnaril jahim
Fahabblitau batau wafir zunubi
Fainnakarob firul zanbi azim

Dosa-dosaku bagaikan pepasir di pantai
Dengan rahmat Mu ampunkan daku Oh Tuhan ku

Wahai Tuhan selamatkan kami ini
Dari segala kejahatan dan kecelakaan

Kami takut kami harap kepada Mu
Suburkanlah cinta kami kepada Mu

Akulah hamba yang mengharap belas dari Mu

Ya Allah Aku Rindu.....

Dikala malam sunyi sepi...aku merenung jauh memikirkan hari-hariku yang berlalu dengan pantasnya...aku mula muhasabah diri aku..betapa banyak dosa dan amalan yang telahj aku lakukan selama ini..Ya Allah sungguh malu aku pada diriku sendiri..sungguh banyaknya dosa yang telah aku lakukan sepanjang hidupku..baik dosa kecil mahupun dosa besar..kalau nak dikira memang x terhitung..Sehingga perbah suatu ketika aku risau yang Allah xkan buka pintu hatiku untuk bertaubat dan sampai aku rase taubat aku xkan diterima Allah sebab hinanya aku..hmm..malu aku pada yang Maha Pencipta. Terkenangkan dosa2...mula lah aku terkenang di zaman persekolahan dan zaman dulu2...rindu sangat bila kenangkan balik zaman lalu..Betapa aku seorang yang menjaga amalanku..tingkah laku ku..pergaulanku..hmm..Hampir setiap malam tahjud menjadi peneman malamku..Quran menjadi sahabat waktu lapangku..Solat berjemaah menjadi rutin harianku..Ya Allah...sungguh aku rindukan aku  yang dulu...Sesungguhnya aku hanyalah insan yang lemah yang selalu lalai dalam mengharungi ujian dunia yang sementara ini Ya Allah..Aku bersyukur masih dikurniakan dengan 2 nikmat yaitu nikmat Iman dan nikmat Islam.. Teringat aku satu ayat dalam subject Al-Quran dan Sunah masa aku pelajari di SMKA.. Iman manusia ni berubah2..Iman manusia boleh jadi lebih teruk dari binatang dan boleh jadi lebih hebat dari malaikat..namun yang paling penting segalanya terletak pada diri sendiri..Iman yang macam mana kite nak? kite yang tentukan bergantung pada keizinan Allah.Allah berkuasa ke atas segala ciptaannya..Dia menunjukkan jalan kepada sesiapa yang dia kehendaki dan die membiarkan sesiapa yang dia kehendaki dalam kesesatan yang nyata. Namun pintu taubat Allah masih terbuka dan yang paling penting jangan pernah berputus asa dengan sifat Maha Pengampun Allah..Walau sebesar mana pun dosa yang kita lakukan.. Insya Allah jika kita berusaha mencari keinsafan..Allah akan bantu kita..Allah tahu ape yang di dalam hati kita dan ape yang kita zahirkan..Iman manusia sentiasa berubah2...Oleh itu...kalau diri ini lemah...masih ada kesempatan untuk memperbaiki diri..masih ada ruang untuk pertingkatkan iman..masih ada peluang untuk mengejar syurga Allah..Subhanallah...namun jalan kebenaran tidak selamanya sunyi..ada ujian yang datang melanda...ada perangkap menunggu mangsa...lirik lagu raihan..hmm..sabar n selalu ingatkan Allah..takutkan siksaan Allah ingat tujuan hidup kita dan selalu ingatkan kematian Insya Allah...kita akan mamu mengharungi segala onak duri ranjau dalam jihad menentang hawa nafsu dan godaan syaitan yang terkutuk...Insya Allah..

Ampunkan aku Ya Allah..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hari ini aku bangun lewat...

plawok plawok..
Sape bangun lewat hari ni???sila angkat tangan macam saye....!!hoho...aku la tu...tido lambat..bangun lewat..haish...apela nak jadi ngn aku nie...baru nak disiplin sikit dah jadi balik..hmm...tido lewat bukan buat assignment ke ape...buat bende xde pekdah..lebeh baik tido jek...bangun tido dah dekat kul 1...bangun2 jek kamal kejut aku cakap ade landlord datang suruh kemas dapur..lagi satu jam die nak datang balik die taw dapur dah eh eh...orang tue ni ingat kitorang nie ape...dah la penyewa..patutnye die la yg buat keje tu semue..hmm...xpelah..malas nak aku n kamal pon kemas la rumah...then die datang bawak barang2 cakap ha...kitorang x buat arini..hari khamis baru datang balik...macam rase nk baling jek kuali kat muke die..haish...penat2 kemas rupenye bukan nak buat arini..hmm...sabau jela...bile dah bangun lewat..semue bende pun delay la..mandi lewat...makan lewat...hmm.bilik xkemas...haish...lepas mandi ape semue dah kul 2.30..hmm...assignment x jalam lagi..baru 500words..lagi 100 nak tulis...mate ni ha..bile dah makan mule lah rase berat jek..haish..nak2 pulak katil tu duvet 2 lapis..fuh...lena woo...haha...tapi xleh..kene sabar...kuat kan semangat..kene siapkan jugak 1000 patah perkataan tu harini...kalau x...memang x sempat..ade lg 2 assignment kene hantar...hmm...moral of the story...jangan tido lambat...jangan bangun lambat...konsisten dalam melakukan ape jua...dan jangan gopoh..dan jangan tangguh2...yang paling penting jangan tinggal solat!hoho...subuh slalu miss...hmm...orait...pas nie...boleh lah pelan2 kayuh nak menaip assignment...tata...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Huh ape??Ice skating??

ewah2...macam nak jatuh je??
Memang dah lame aku mengidam nak ber ais skating..cume mase jek xde...and mahal shahril telah mengajak aku, abe n mike untuk beriadah main ice skating...wah...murah la dalam 5pounds...haha...duit belum bayar lagi pade sharil..kih3...nantilah..dlu-dule ade la exxperience main roler blade yang 4 tayar tu...agak sukar la...tapi kali ni main ice skating..nampak macam senang...laju jek bebudak hingusan main..memang selamber jela muke diorang...macam-macam aksi ade...aku pun hengat senang la sangat...wat muke confiden...haha...kasut die memang ketat tapak die sekeping besi...macam blade. masuk2 jek dalam gelanggang ice tu memang lah licin jangan cakap...macam nak terlententang pun ade..tapi aku cube ballance kan badan la...dah macam menari ballet pun ade.hhhaha...cuba punye cube..boleh la meluncur..slow2..Dikala kawan2 lain masih merangkak..memaut tebing2 gelanggang kerana takutkan kejatuhan...aku sudah berjaya meluncur dengan lajunya...hmm....xsangke boleh jugak aku meluncur..aku pun heran..member2 aku lagi lah pelik tengok aku first time main lagi hebat dari diorang..ehh....riak pulak...xde lah..cume nak express giler main sukan ni...rase macam terbang pun ade...rilek jek meluncur...tapi permukaan ice tu memang lah keras yang amat...tipulah kalau aku cakap aku x jatuh kan...opkos la jatuh berkali2...sakit jugak..tapi best..hahah...terlentang la terduduk la macam2 ada..haha..gelak2 pas tu wat cover macho bangun balik...kah3...biaselah firse jugak..tapi agak sakit kaki la main bende nie..sebab pressure banyak kat bahagian bawah kaki tu...pastu memang main kejap jek dah rase macam main lame giler...tapi memang best la...boleh la main kalau bosan2...daripade asyik duk bilik tido n tengok muvie jek..baik berice skating..hahh....ok lah...nanti2 tulis lagi..bye

ni lah wajah2 skaters beginner yang gigih..hahah

Akhirnya Ku Pulang jua...

Yeah..its me...

Setelah jauh menjelajah bumi Spain akhirnya aku pulang jua ke Bumi Coventry...Rase macam balik ke kampung halaman la plak kan..hahha....memang rindu sangat Coventry n katilku setelah hampir 10 hari merantau di Bumi Espana. Walau camner pown menang seronok sangat...bak kate orang..jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan..memang luas lah pemandangan dari semue segi aku dapat lihat...dari sejarah Islam...dari yang baik sampailah ke yang buruk pun ade...hmmbiaselah negeri orang...macam-macam yang x kene..The trip was organised by a tourism organisation which named themselves as Kelana Convoi which I believed it was introduced in 2006 by Mr. Khairul..The trip that I took was one of the packages that are provided by this organisation. It is called the 'Andalusia' package which coves 5 places which are Malaga, Gibralta, Cordoba, London, Costa Del Sol and many other interesting places. Historically, Spain was one of the biggest Islamic country which was conquered by great caliphate thousands years ago.. I have learned many things throughout the journey. Although Kristian has overthrown Islamic power in Spain, however, there are still many buildings and historic places that have proven that long time ago, Islam has ruled Spain before they were defeated.
Mesquita Cathedral

However, I am very touch with the construction of the mosque which I found in Granada. It is one of the biggest mosque in Granada. It is named Mesquita Cathedral. It was a big mosque where all Muslims gathered and worship the Great God-Allah S.W.T. then after Islam was overthrown, it was being converted into a Cathedral. I do feel sad and angry but I have to admit the truth that this is the result if we lost our power and dignity. It somehow triggers my mind...Oh Allah...when will Islam rise again? Can we rise once more and rule the world and become the great Ummah like how our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. has ruled the Muslims in those times? The answer is all depends on ourselves. We are the keys to all the maze and confusions. If Allah will, We shall win...Insya Allah..

The white mosque in Granada

beautiful isn't it?
In Al Hambra

The cave in Gibralta
View from the peak of Gibralta

I am very grateful to witness Allah's other wonderful and magnificent creations...which is a country which is called Gibralta. It is a small island but with a giant strength. Most of it's land consists of hard rock and stones. On the peak of the mountain, there is a huge tunnel which was built thousands years ago only by human workforce. The slaves had dig the long tunnel to be inserted with cannons and machinery to protect the place from the enemy. from the peak, you may see clear view of the whole Spain and its surrounding. From here, one can control the air, water and land from the enemy. This is the reason why people from all over the world want to conquer this country. However, although thousands of bombs and fireballs hit the mountain, it still stay strong and safe.
The cannon

Spain is a wonderful country. Full with unique buildings and scenery. The weather was 28 Celcius. However the people doesn't speak English, they only speak Spanish. Therefore, as a reminder, if you were about to travel to Spain, make sure you know at least the basic Spanish vocab so that it is easier for you to communicate with the locals. One more thing is, in Spain there are many Gypsy people along the road and shops, therefore you might need to take good care of your belongings and make sure do not take anything from them and if possible just ignore them because you might get into trouble.

There are so many interesting and unforgettable experience that I wanted to tell but it is better for you guys to witness them by yourself. Spain is one of the places the you must go! Trust Me! Now I still need to finish up my assignments! yeah...that's how student life is...bye...  Smile and stay cool...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sekarang aku dah pandai main guitar.....

Kalau dulu....aku selalu cakap kat diri aku sendiri...daus, xpayah la ko berangan nk belajar main guitar...sampai ke mati pown ko x kan pandai main punyer...hmm....aku pown pecaye la ngan kate hati aku...then aku slalu tengok kawan2 aku main guitar...bestnye kalau aku pandai main macam diorang....bukan lah nak jadi power orang kate takat pandaio main wat layan2 mase boring ok jugak....hmm...aku pown bertekad saje2 belajar...mule2 memang susah giler..jari macam nk terkedu...sakit jari2 aku menekan tali guitar yg keras.hmm...macam nk luka pown ade..memang payah nak ingat setiap chord. member2 memang pakat gelak la time tue..haha...aku pown gelak skali melihat kekakuan aku memetik tali guitar..satu hari ingat 4 chord..aku blajar chord basic2 dulu macam chord A, Chord Am, C, D, E, Em, F, G ngn Bm. 
ni lah guitar aku..hadiah hari jadi oleh Syafiq Rasidi...Thanks syafiq

mase tu memang xde la guitar member..g bilik kawan..cari guitar yg x digunakan oleh empunya milik...memang hilang la..taw2 je ade kat bilik aku..hahha....tapi member2 aku best...diorang xkesah...barang aku barang diorang..barang diorang barang aku gak...haha...setipa ari aku practice main guitar...lame gak nak dapat tangkat satu chord..hmm...tengok orang main memang macam senang jek...xtaw aku macam nak tergeliat jari pown ade.. berkat bantuan kawan2...abe, amad, awang, ijat, chang, qorie, mike, n lain2, Alhamdulillah...setelah 2 tahun mencuba barulah aku pandai main guitar....memang susah...jari aku ni jangan cakap lah memang dah macam kene penyakit kulit dah..kulit mengelupas..keras jek bahagian hujung jari tu...haha..tapi x pe..nak pandai memang camtu...kene bersakit2...skarang aku dah boleh la main beberape lagu yg menggunakan chord basic, macam lagu Oh Bulan, Bila Aku Sudah Tiada-Hujan, I'm Yours-Jasson Mraz, The Show-Lenka..n banyak lagi...hmm...skarang aku sendiri pown macam x percaye macam mane lah bende yang aku anggap mustahil untuk aku pelajari...skarang aku dah boleh petik guitar tanpa tengok tali...wah....kagum dengan diri sendiri..terdetik dalam hati aku..."Daus...dalam hidup ni...ape pown yang ko nak ...semuenye boleh asalkan ade kesungguhan n usaha untuk mendapatkann lah jugak dengan ilmu, iman n amalan...semuenye diri sendiri yang tentukan...nak seribu daya...xnak seribu dalih...." Hmm...betul jugak kata hati aku ni...cume masalah aku satu jek...aku ni jenis yang hangat2 taik ayam sebab aku kalau bersungguh dalam sesuatu tu x lame..kejap2 jek...then mule lah bosan n dah x buat dah bende tu...then aku minat balik...macam tu lah...hmm...tapi semue tu memang perlu diubah...kene focus n consistence dalam sesuatu....biarpun sikit..asalkan istiqamah..

Satu, Dua, Tiga, Empat...GO!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Keadaan yang busy

Semenjak dua menjak ni aku asyik busy jek memanjang..ntah ape yang aku buat...sampai nak contact orang tersayang pown x sempat...assignment ade 3 kene submit lepas cuti..then aku ade practice badminton..badan sakit2..warwick game kene plan lagi..macam2...hmm...biaselah..nk wat camner..aku terime tu semua sebagai cabaran n dorongan untuk diriku berusaha lebih keras n rajin untuk mengharungi hari-hari yang mendatang dengan hati n jiwa yang cekal..Walau camner pown...aku tetap happy sebab aku dapat 81% dalam assignment SLA aku..hii...first time ranking the highest in class. memang x sangke..huhu..thanks to Chip n Syafiq n Kamal sebab tolong aku dalam usaha menyiapkan assingnment tu.. Kepada Cik Nurul Ain yang comel..jangan marah saye..saye x berniat untuk menyepi..Saye cume busy n letih.nanti saye contact Cik Nurul ye...Sayang awak!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Trip to Spain (09/04/2011 – 14/09/2011)

*   Text Box: Expenditures:

Flight ticket price: £371.44
(£123.81)-each to me

Bus from Baker Street-Stansted: (return)
Wawa: £6.99 to me
Ma Vin: £6.99 to me

Kelana Konvoi : 
£100 each to wawa

•	Malaysian hall book individually.Departure:
-Leaving from Coventry to London Victoria Station:
-By bus at: 5.15a.m
-Take tube to Queensway
-Check in Malaysian Hall
-Check out Malaysian Hall – leaving at (9.00a.m)
-Take tube from Queensway to Baker Street.
-Take a bus from Baker Street to Stansted Airport
-(Leaving at 10:40a.m-12:05p.m.)
-Check in flight at 3:20p.m
-Stansted to Malaga, Flight leaving at (5:20p.m)

*   Return Journey:
-From Malaga to Stansted
-check in (9:30p.m -10:50p.m)
-Flight leaving at :( 11:30p.m on 14/04/2011-01:20a.m on 15/04/2011)
-Take a bus from Stansted to Baker Street leaving at (3:00a.m)
-Take a tube from Baker Street to Victoria Station.
-Bus leaving from London to Coventry at (10:00 am)
We’ve accomplished our trip to Spain!!!
*if there is anything missing please inform me….

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ya Allah

Sungguh banyak dugaan yang aku lalui Ya Allah....Dugaan yang ku tempuhi sangat menduga kesabaranku Ya Allah...Sesungguhnya Engkaulah Yang Maha Berkuasa Ya Allah...Kau tabahkanlah hati hambamu ini...demi menjalani hari-hari yang mendatang Ya Allah...Permudahkanlah segala urusan Hambamu ini....Ya Allah...Sesungguhnya Aku bermohon...kepadamu lah aku Meminta pertolongan...Jika aku dalam kesusahan Ya Allah, permudahkanlah, Jika aku tidak bermaya Ya Allah, berilah daku semangat Ya Allah. JAdikanlah apa yang keluar dari mulutku tidak mendatangkan kebencian dan kemarahan Ya Allah..Jadikanlah aku disayangi dan disenangi semua orang Ya Allah...Ya Allah....bantulah hambamu ini Ya Allah.....Amin...Ya Rabbal Alamin....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I wonder why recently there are so many people are having fever.
Maybe because of the climate change and the unpredictable weather
My loved one also falls sick
Hmm...Hope that she will get well soon...

Tidaklah seorang muslim tertimpa suatu penyakit dan sejenisnya, melainkan Allah akan mengugurkan bersamanya dosa-dosanya seperti pohon yang mengugurkan daun-daunnya”.
(HR. Bukhari no. 5660 dan Muslim no. 2571).

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It goes and never come back

Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... (yeah...)the time is ticking.
 Never stop ticking. It never feels tired or bored. 
It continuously doing its job obediently. It is just the same as we, 
human being or any creation in this world. 
Everyday, and every moment we are keep on changing. 
We grows bigger or taller. Or maybe the other way round. 
But the thing is no matter how we try we never can change our age. 
We can't avoid from getting older and older. Its life.
 As what has being said in one of Shakespeare poem " Life is like a candle" which means that it is short. Hmm.. each and every moment in life should be filled with so much interesting and fun moments. 
For sure if we can only have the wonderful moment, we choose to stay that way but
 life is full with colour, sometimes we do have wonderful moment and somehow we also may experience sad moment. Life is fair. Yes! And one more thing when time is running so fast we 
also may forget things quite easily. 
A year has passed but I still feel like the one year is not longer than just a few weeks.
 It happens just like that. So quick until you even can't remember what actually 
had happened throughout the year..hmm...The thing is yes all of us knew that we can't change the past but we do have big chance to create a better future. 
Lets not talk about the big issue just focus on ourselves. 
Maybe we may not realise that throughout the year, maybe we have done so many mistakes and sins. 
Like hurting our friends feelings, cheating, stealing, 
talking bad things about people and also some other things.
 But there is no such things as there is no turning back. 
This new year.. is the best time for us to start making changes 
within ourselves to correct ourselves from any mistakes, weaknesses and also failure.
 Its time to rise and shine. There is always a big big room for us which is the room of improvement. 
So, in this new year, I'm hoping that many wonderful and great moments are coming.
 I just want to upgrade myself in many ways.
 Doing good deeds, things that benefits me and also may benefits everybody else. 
Hmm.. Anyway...This 26 of January is my 21th birthday. yeah..
I can't belief that I am 21 already. 
I hope that I could turn back time to the time when I 
was in kindergarten and stop the time from moving so that I can stay in the same form and shape. 
Haha.. But it only happens in my dream.But..yeah..I'm not a child any more, 
maybe I should think about something high level.
 Be more independent and confident with myself to face the world without fear and proud to be in the teaching line. Yeah.. a teacher to be is not an  easy job to run. 
So, lets start from now..
Its time..

Happy new year people...!!!