Friday, November 6, 2009

camping life in Teluk Batik last I have returned back to IPIP. 4 days for scout camp in Teluk Batik really makes me tired. Many interesting and also sad things happened there. On 2 November all of the teslian went to scout camp in Teluk Batik. 52 of us had never been to a camp since we started studying here. The journey took 2 hours. As we reached there, we were given the location to set up our tent. It was just beside the chalet. The beach is very beautiful and calm. There are many coconut tree near our camp. Surprisingly, we were provided raw food and also gas stove to cook our foods. It sounded funny but it was the reality that we had there. Everything were easy. I did not have the feeling of having a camping that particular moment because I found no hardness throughout the camp. The most boring part was the scout lectures in the hall. We had to sit on the floor in the hall and listen to the power point slides from day till night. It was damn boring!!! I hate that part. We even had to copy each slides that being displayed there. I was so depressed. After the class, we were asked to build gadgets. I was very unhappy because we were not given the knowledge of making gadgets as well as the way of tying woods before. So, we just built our own gadjets according to our own creativity and we tied it with the way we like as well as it can stand still. I was very happy there because the food provided was very delicious. The girls cooked for us and we ate together. These are some of the menus:
1.)chicken rice 2.) chicken cooked with chilly 3.) fish cooked with soy sauce and many more. It was not look like a camping trip at all. Everything were provided. Although it was easy for us there, but it is such a waste because we do not have the talent and skills of surviving in any paste. The most unforgettable moment was the rain. Our camping sites were flooded because of the heavy rain for 5 hours. Our tents all got flooded and our things were all wet and we can't stay in our tent. The condition was critical at the cooking site where the water keep on falling on the ground and there were muds everywhere. While cooking, I and my friends had to make sure the arrangement of the gas stoves are proper. We also had tried to dig drains around the tents but it was very late already. The rain was like a disaster to us. It had destroyed our camping site. It was really bad. That moment, the girls were already ran out of idea on how to stop the problems. In my mind, the girls should be thankful because the boys were willing to help out. If not...I don't know what will happen. hmm.......The most important was we had won the best discipline title and also the the best group working.

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