Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today is the first day of September..

Hye I wake up this morning,I was sweating..I don't know what the reason being was...maybe I had a bad dream last night. Something has disturb my peaceful sleep. I was dreaming about something scary. It was like something that really happen in my real life..I was freak out that night. I don't quite remember what actually happened in that dream but it was terrible.Oh God Almighty please help me,protect me from any bad and harm..
This month is so special for me and for my beloved one. You all know why is it so special about this month?It was her birthday month..Her birthday falls on the 24th of September 1990..She was really exited to tell me that it was her birthday watch pit!Although it is still early and the beginning of September but she has already alert me to not to forget to grab something special for her on her birthday..I laughed at her after that but deep in my mind and heart..I was thinking that what am I suppose to buy for her?I have no idea. But.I need not worry because soon or later this puzzle definitely will be solved as easy as eating nuts..ha translation from Malays' proverb..Today it has already the 22nd of Ramadhan..hmm..time goes so fast..just like blinking of eyes that suddenly it is going to be 8 days more before HARI RAYA!!! I bet every single Muslims all around the world no matter from whatever class they are, definitely they  have been preparing for Raya too..wanna know?wait for the next post..huhu..

quote for the day...

One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of being happy is doing things for other people. 
       - Dick Gregory

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  1. dear. bufday saye 24.9.91 le... hee...hee..
    thanks sayang wat entry bout me. so sweet!

    p/s: i hope that bad dream isnt bout me. :0