Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is my first time I got flu here in the UK. It has made me very uncomfortable.
 I can't focus in the class. I was very sleepy throughout the day. 
My head was very heavy. All I did in class was just listen but my mind was blank.
 Don't know what the lectures were trying to say. I really hate this situation.
 Hope that my flu will recover soon. Today is like my worst day as I really passive in class.
 Don't know what am I doing. I was sneezing in class. It was really disturbing and annoying.
 Hmm...Throughout the class my eyes was warm and my nose is itchy. It was cold. 

The reason being why I got the flu is maybe because yesterday  went out in one piece and
 only wearing a piece of cloth. Not wearing my sweater and so on. I thought that it won't be that cold. 
But, that day was very cold. I was shaking. It was like being immersed into the refrigerator.
 I can't stand the cold. I regret of wearing just a piece of cloth.

 The next day I start to feel bad.. My body was weak. 
Then my nose starts to become itchy. Then I realise that I am having flu..
Hmmm...I really hate when I have flu. everything seems to be hard to me. I can't do almost everything. 
My head can't think of anything . It is like jam. I'm stuck. 

Flu....please leave me alone... I wANT TO BE HEALTHY......

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