Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Trip to Spain (09/04/2011 – 14/09/2011)

*   Text Box: Expenditures:

Flight ticket price: £371.44
(£123.81)-each to me

Bus from Baker Street-Stansted: (return)
Wawa: £6.99 to me
Ma Vin: £6.99 to me

Kelana Konvoi : 
£100 each to wawa

•	Malaysian hall book individually.Departure:
-Leaving from Coventry to London Victoria Station:
-By bus at: 5.15a.m
-Take tube to Queensway
-Check in Malaysian Hall
-Check out Malaysian Hall – leaving at (9.00a.m)
-Take tube from Queensway to Baker Street.
-Take a bus from Baker Street to Stansted Airport
-(Leaving at 10:40a.m-12:05p.m.)
-Check in flight at 3:20p.m
-Stansted to Malaga, Flight leaving at (5:20p.m)

*   Return Journey:
-From Malaga to Stansted
-check in (9:30p.m -10:50p.m)
-Flight leaving at :( 11:30p.m on 14/04/2011-01:20a.m on 15/04/2011)
-Take a bus from Stansted to Baker Street leaving at (3:00a.m)
-Take a tube from Baker Street to Victoria Station.
-Bus leaving from London to Coventry at (10:00 am)
We’ve accomplished our trip to Spain!!!
*if there is anything missing please inform me….

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