Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm playing squash????

yeah!today is my off day. I don't have class for today because I'm in the group B. The group A has class today. So this morning I went to the coventry city to cash in my money. Then I went to the sport direct to change my shoes. I am very impress with the service that is provided in the sport direct because when I went for exchange, I did not bring the receipt because I lost it. But the thing is she trusted me and allowed me to get another shoes for exchange. It was so amazing!!!I'm feel very happy about it. Then I went to Chicken Cottage to have lunch. I've ordered 16 pieces of chicken 4 fries and two large beverages and guest what, the meal is for 2 person...haha. It was huge meal. I've manage to finish the meal after inviting some friends to join me. Then I went back and my house mate offer me to play squash with him. It was my first time playing squash. I never touch or been to a squash court before. It was such a wonderful experience. I played quite well as the technique is not much different from badminton. However I've injured my elbow because I swing the racquet too hard. I've sprayed some medicine I think it should be ok. Then after that I have dinner at the MSA gathering. It was such an amazing event. Good food, can get to know more Malaysian, Brunei, and singaporean. And now, I'm home!

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