Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sorry if I'm wrong

People make mistakes. Sometimes we don't even realise that we are making mistakes. 
It is not what we meant to do but shit does happen without our conciousness. 
Sometimes we made promises, but sometimes we do not realise that maybe
 accidentally we have break a promise. Things do happen. No body is perfect.
 The most important is you just need love somebody who is imperfect, perfectly.
 Than you will realise and feel that true love does exist. 

"Perfection only can be achieved when one person completed the other person."

I do love you since we met, since I know who you r, since I realise that you r special, since I realise that you r the one and my love for you will never fades but blooming before, now and forever it will be. And I promise you, you will be the one if God will. 

Sorry for my mistakes

'I love you not for who you r but what I am when I am with you'