Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life is not easy....

In this world not everything that we expect, 
we can get it just the exact way that we want things to be like.
 Sometimes things do make us feel down, sad and frustrated. Life is like a circle. 
Sometimes you may feel happy sometimes you feel that the world just against you. Everything seemed to be so complicated. You might not know who you are any more, 
you may not become how people expect you to be before.

 It is really not easy to fulfil everyone's expectations. 
Everything seems to be not fine. When you try to be yourself, people start to judge you. 
Sometimes I do feel like life is sometimes lack of honesty. 
People tend to do something that they don't like to persuade or make others satisfy.
 It is undeniable that it is good to retain the relationship. I myself do support this attitude. 

OK, that's doesn't matter. Sometimes I feel that I have been trapped in a cage.
 Can't move freely, can't enjoy the fullest of life like other people do.
 Everything that I do seems to be not right. 
Surrounding plays very important role in modelling someone into somebody else. 
The people, the culture and and the lifestyle really affect the attitude and behaviour of someone. 
But, as long as we remember God, nothing matters. 


Love, is a very wonderful word.
 It describes thousands of wonderful, sweet memories and meaningful moments.
 It is something abstract. some people may think that love need to be expressed in words by saying I love you, I miss you or anything. 
Some may prefer to show it through actions and some may tend to show love by giving presents.
 For me, love is something inside. People won't know the love that we have with someone.
 It is secretly saved in our own 'heart box'. 
Although we are not showing it but it doesn't reflect that we don't love the person.
 Or people may think that love only can be showed if we expressed it but I don't. 
It is difficult to make people believe us when every promise that we have made were broken. 
The trust may not slightly decay or may be totally burnt! 

In many cases I did not meant to hurt somebody's feeling but people do receive things differently. 
So, I have faced many misunderstanding situations with friends and also somebody I love.
 I always remind myself, Fir, don't you worry about this thing, life is like that.
 It is normal, in love there is no possibility of having nice and sweet moment all the times.
 Problems do exist to test the strength of the love. 
Never give up, just stay calm, face the difficulties with an open heart and always love her with all your heart and never betray her with or without her existence. 

Although I know that maybe her trust for me may almost not exist any more but 
I'm just hoping that her love for me never decay. Nobody is perfect, living without mistakes. We do need mistakes to learn from it. we do need hard time to face the challenge in the future. 
It is worth it to sacrifice now and to suffer now then to face it in the future.
 It is fine to learn something the hard way because you will never forget about it for the rest of your life. 

However, you can change for the better but you can't change someone
 they want to make the move to change.

 Life is meaningful, 
enjoy every single moment of life 
as long as
you have time to be

Trust me....

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  1. i trust u,. but it takes two to tango dear.. i cant do it by my own