Tuesday, December 14, 2010

13th December 2011

Showing off my new shirt. Full set brand new!!!

Today, I went to Birmingham New Street with friends.
 Searching for some stuff. Its Christmas month. 
There are many small stalls opened at the Victoria Square in Birmingham.
 here are many beautiful yet interesting clothes, foods and things available there. 
We went there by train. The fare is just 3.20 pounds two ways. 
Travel at 12.00 then return back around 6.30pm. We bought some things. 
I bought Hugo Boss perfume which cost me 40.50 pounds. 
Then a shirt, jacket and jeans which cost me 34pounds. 
Then we have dinner at Wokstatic which is a susyi restaurant here. We take the buffet deal which cost us 14.89 pounds each person. 

Hmm..from yesterday and today, I've already spent around 150pounds. It is a lot of money. but now, my saving still have 2145pounds.Hope that I can manage my money. 
Planning to bring some stuff back to MAlaysia, 
so need to save some money for the boxing day after Christmas.
 For sure I won't go back with empty handed....hiiihi... that's all for now. 
My life here is just normal. Can get used to the weather already. 
The food and have friends always be by my side to help.
 So, I feel fine here. My study?this first year here is not counted for the total result of my course
.As long as I pass the exam, I may further my study here. I think it is not a problem. 
Hope so. For the three month here, 
I can manage to cope with the course syllabus and the lecture.
 I can understand their ascent. They talk clearly and slow mode. 
I can ask and contribute my opinion in class. So, not to worry so much about my life here. 
I'm fine here. I'll promise to perform here. 
Not to forget all my loved ones in MAlaysia.. LOve you all!!!
can't wait to go back to Malaysia this summer. 

I'm planning to go back on 6th July 2011 and come back to UK on 1st October 2011. 
Hmm...I have chance to celebrate her birthday next year!

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