Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter has slowly gone and...

First snow

playing with snow.Its cold okay..

Hmm...It is cold in winter. It is icy cold. Feels like living in a freezer. 
The temperature is average below 
0 degree. Once has reached about -14degree Celsius.
 Can u imagine how cold it is here during winter?Hmm...yeah...maybe many of 
u guys might think that it is so fucking awesome that I can have the chance to experience the snow.
 play with the snow like how some of us might have seen it is the movie. 
Yeah..I admit that at the beginning of the was amazing.
 Can see how actually the snow falls.
 It is like nothing more than just like the white bubbles falling from the sky.
 Soft and when it comes in heavy form then it is no more enjoyable.
 It was freaking annoying. Everything is wet. Its cold. 
Cars were covered with the snow. The road is slippery, many shops were closing early
..hmm...there are so many things that kind of make your life miserable. 
In fact, just because it is cold, the white people drink a lot to make themselves warm.
 When they drink too much...then you may guess what might happen.
 Fucking retarded man starts to yelling, hitting things, breaking glass bottles and destroying the peoples' cars. 
I thought that the English people is so polite. 
But when the get stupid...everything lost. They lost their self belief and dignity. 
Many of my friends bicycles were stolen.
 In fact some even his bike has been stolen for two times!
!Can you imagine how polite the English people is?? don't just judge them through the movie and media but you have to experience it by yourself. 
Hmm..enough talking about this annoying things. 

Hmm..lets start with something more exciting...Yeap!
What am I doing during the winter?Winter is cold as I have elaborated above. 
Therefore what I do is that I spent most of the time staying at home with my lovely and awesome house mates. I learn a lot about cooking. 
Most of the time I cook for them and I get good responds from them!! is just the receipt from Uncle Google.
 haha...What else...hmm...yeah!My room was very messy and very not convenience for me to sleep, doing my assignments and inviting friends to have some chit chat. 
So, me and my room mate have decided to make some changes on our room. 
We planned something awesome. Then make our budget count. 
Then we bought some stuff in IKEA. We decorated the room very very nice and lovely.
 But the theme is not suitable for me,
 I think so but maybe the other way round for my room mate because you know
 I can breath in my own room the room is much more pleasant and inviting than before..
Many friends come and visit my new room. Most of them said that. 
OMG this is such a honeymoon suit for couples!!
 I also can't belief that I can decorate the room that beautiful almost like Eric Leong.!!
haha...maybe I got innate talent or born with the talent!haish..always like to praise myself..
If not...who else want to praise me...hehehe... 
Enough about my room...

My study section now
new look

My creation
During winter also I've made such a dumb mistakes. 
Feels like want to kill my self. You know what? 
What if let say this happens to you; you know that you need to careful when spending your money because you are still student. Then out of control, 
you just know that you have spend your money on something that you can't own it.
 Meaning just similar as throwing the money into the toilet bowl and you flush it!haaa...
.hows that sound to you?Amayzing?
And some more, the money is in pounds and it cost you about 131pounds..Yeah!
that much...If you do not feel anything about it then you are so fucking retarded..
This is what happens to me. I have cancel my trip to two countries which are Spain and Ireland. 
You know why?it is just because of the snow! 
Many of them said that the weather is not good. Many also advice me to not go. 
But I've booked the ticket and how can I expect to have it return back to me? Therefore, now I know..
.If I want to travel, never travel during the winter. 
Travel during summer or spring is better as the weather is not that cold, 
and the scenery is much more beautiful.
 Hmm...I could have spent that amount of money on buying stuff during the boxing day...

Yeah...!talking about boxing you all know what is boxing day?
the day which is full with boxes. Haha..just joking.
 This is happening during winter. After Christmas. 
The shops are having crazy sales. most of the shops are offering up to 75% discounts. 
I have seen this boxing day in a movie but still have doubt about it because in the movie the people are sleeping in front of the shops with tent and duvet waiting for the shop to open the next day so that they can rush into the shop and grab those stuffs inside. 
What I saw on the boxing day is almost the same thing. The shops is opening as 5 am.
 But, the people has started queuing since 4.30 am. 
Can U imagine in this sub zero weather, the people dare to stand in line just to shop?
Its awesome man...The most popular shop that becoming the main target was the NEXT. 
Opening at 5am, and at 9 am, the shop is clean.
 No shirts are seen on the shelves. T-shirts are mostly gone! 
Wow...the people really spent a lot on this boxing day. 
Talking about people shopping not forget about me myself. 
haa.......I also has lost my mnd spending nearly 300 pounds on clothes, watch, shoes,
 perfumes and also doll. This is the richest shopping experience that I have ever had. hahha...
 But for sure I did not buy all those thing for me.
 I bought them for my family. 
Crazy people shopping

But, although there are many things happens here, 
I feel that UK is a nice place to go. things here are cheap.
 chocolate are everywhere and very cheap. 
Most of the foods here are cheap and for Muslim like me we don't have to worry so much
 to find halal food because here, there are many pakistan restaurant which serve halal food. 
Since 02/10/2010 untill now 30/12/2010, I manage to say that I'm fine here. 
Nothing to worry, I know where to go, how to go and who I can trust, how I can cope with the weather,
 how can I cook, where can I eat, where to buy stuff.
 And most importantly how can I manage my study here.. 
If God will, I think everything is fine. I miss everybody in Malaysia especially my family and my love ones.. 

So...enough for now...
I'll write later in the next post if I have time and ideas.. 
Love you guys always...take your friends because they are you family no matter where 
you are and no matter how miserable is your life. 
Just appreciate your friends because they are special and never forget that if we think that 
we are so good and perfect, think back!because
 God knows better than us and there are many people out there
 is much more better than what you think you have got..hmm..
So, be good...
rise and shine...
take care..
bye!!! topman shirt


  1. comei seyhh gmbo bwh skli tuh..hahaa

  2. tapi x leh lawan la kecomelan abang apiz...kan kan kan...

  3. best gle meja study. hehe.
    nway goodluck dose! :)