Monday, April 18, 2011

Akhirnya Ku Pulang jua...

Yeah..its me...

Setelah jauh menjelajah bumi Spain akhirnya aku pulang jua ke Bumi Coventry...Rase macam balik ke kampung halaman la plak kan..hahha....memang rindu sangat Coventry n katilku setelah hampir 10 hari merantau di Bumi Espana. Walau camner pown menang seronok sangat...bak kate orang..jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan..memang luas lah pemandangan dari semue segi aku dapat lihat...dari sejarah Islam...dari yang baik sampailah ke yang buruk pun ade...hmmbiaselah negeri orang...macam-macam yang x kene..The trip was organised by a tourism organisation which named themselves as Kelana Convoi which I believed it was introduced in 2006 by Mr. Khairul..The trip that I took was one of the packages that are provided by this organisation. It is called the 'Andalusia' package which coves 5 places which are Malaga, Gibralta, Cordoba, London, Costa Del Sol and many other interesting places. Historically, Spain was one of the biggest Islamic country which was conquered by great caliphate thousands years ago.. I have learned many things throughout the journey. Although Kristian has overthrown Islamic power in Spain, however, there are still many buildings and historic places that have proven that long time ago, Islam has ruled Spain before they were defeated.
Mesquita Cathedral

However, I am very touch with the construction of the mosque which I found in Granada. It is one of the biggest mosque in Granada. It is named Mesquita Cathedral. It was a big mosque where all Muslims gathered and worship the Great God-Allah S.W.T. then after Islam was overthrown, it was being converted into a Cathedral. I do feel sad and angry but I have to admit the truth that this is the result if we lost our power and dignity. It somehow triggers my mind...Oh Allah...when will Islam rise again? Can we rise once more and rule the world and become the great Ummah like how our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. has ruled the Muslims in those times? The answer is all depends on ourselves. We are the keys to all the maze and confusions. If Allah will, We shall win...Insya Allah..

The white mosque in Granada

beautiful isn't it?
In Al Hambra

The cave in Gibralta
View from the peak of Gibralta

I am very grateful to witness Allah's other wonderful and magnificent creations...which is a country which is called Gibralta. It is a small island but with a giant strength. Most of it's land consists of hard rock and stones. On the peak of the mountain, there is a huge tunnel which was built thousands years ago only by human workforce. The slaves had dig the long tunnel to be inserted with cannons and machinery to protect the place from the enemy. from the peak, you may see clear view of the whole Spain and its surrounding. From here, one can control the air, water and land from the enemy. This is the reason why people from all over the world want to conquer this country. However, although thousands of bombs and fireballs hit the mountain, it still stay strong and safe.
The cannon

Spain is a wonderful country. Full with unique buildings and scenery. The weather was 28 Celcius. However the people doesn't speak English, they only speak Spanish. Therefore, as a reminder, if you were about to travel to Spain, make sure you know at least the basic Spanish vocab so that it is easier for you to communicate with the locals. One more thing is, in Spain there are many Gypsy people along the road and shops, therefore you might need to take good care of your belongings and make sure do not take anything from them and if possible just ignore them because you might get into trouble.

There are so many interesting and unforgettable experience that I wanted to tell but it is better for you guys to witness them by yourself. Spain is one of the places the you must go! Trust Me! Now I still need to finish up my assignments! yeah...that's how student life is...bye...  Smile and stay cool...

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