Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teacher's day In Alton Tower 16 May 2011

This is my first time going to a big theme park after Genting Highlands. Now this is Alton Tower which is kind of similar with Genting Highlands but it was more more exciting and I would say CRAZY!!! haha..only the one who has the extreme self confidence and gut can go through all those extraordinary machines..hahha..for me...naaahh...I prefer peaceful and relax entertainment. I've tried some of the games..but only the simple2 one..

I started my day at Alton Tower by taking photo with Sonic! My favorite cartoon character when I was kid. yeah! It was great!

like siblings...

Then I went in the theme park and saw a game station. Then I would like to try my luck coz seems that I can manage to hit the plate.I have determination to go for this game..The rule is.. You need to pay 2pounds, then they will  give you 3 wooden balls. then you need to hit 3 plates with the balls. Meaning one ball hit one plate. So all balls need to hit the plate without a miss. Its quite challenging and nobody get through it before as it is hard. Hehe..

After trying the second time, I mane to hit three plates with three wooden balls. yeay! Now we got the winner! haha..this is what I got as my reward


 Yeah! This trip was amazing and I really have such a wonderful day with my friends...

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