Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Its a new Academic Term..

Me and Big Bro
Went back for Malaysia was a wonderful moment in my life after spending almost one year in The UK. I'm happy to see my lovely family members faces. They miss me a lot. So do I. here is nothing more meaningful and wonderful then having to spend my summer holiday with them.

For almost one year, there are a few changes happens in my family. My second sister is engaged and is getting married soon. It was such a memorable moment in her life as well as mine as I feel that she is getting old.hahah.No, just feel that she is too early to get married and there will be less people among our siblings who hasn't got married yet which left me and my big brother. haha.. Whatever it is, I pray to Allah may their relationship be blessed and stays forever unless death comes. I wouldn't be able to witness my sister's wedding i guess as I have class and I won't be able to skip the class as I'm afraid that I might not be able to catch up with the study. So, I can just pray for the best!

There are also changes on my big brother. Funny thing is he is getting 'buncit' haha.. I don't know why. Maybe he did not exercise. Now I think he already work in Singapore. Alhamdulillah. I always pray to God to guide him to the right path throughout his life as he is the only hope that my father has if my father leaves this  temporary world. I believe he will be a good one.

My mother, she was still busy with her tailoring stuff. She makes curtain and cushion. As it was near Hari Raya, she needs to work overtime. I did help her to stitch  some curtains and cushion. As my mother is busy doing her job, I'm the one who cooked for the family sometimes..ahhahaa.. But the real thing is I am the one who settle all the cleaning and washing. thats the only thing I good at. I also have the chance to pray Jamaah with my mother. Alhamdulillah.

My father. He just live the same. It's only that he is getting old and he looks tired. i was about to cry when I saw his face. Hmm.. I love him so much but I don;t know how to show it.huhu..weird right?? hmm..but everything just the same but I did buy him some shirts and hoping that he likes it. and he does. We did play badminton together during the weekend. he brought be to some places to play with his friends. He also bought me 2 rackets and a badminton bag and a pair of badminton shoes. Hmm..Yeah..I know he loves me.. :).. Thanks ayah..

My eldest sister already got a government job. Alhamdulillah. her life Insya Allah will get better. Hopefully :).

Haaa!!!! Not forget my lovely charming soul mate :) wink wink!! hehe
I was so happy to meet her. For almost one year we haven't met each other. My first impression after seeing her was. 'Is this my girl friend? ermm....why is it that she is quite I growing or she is getting smaller?' offence my dear..hehhe...but she still cute and charming as always :) We did spent our summer together, having fun, watching movies together, running at the beach, photo-shoot, eat, spend time together , we watch each others face and look into each others eye and then have a big laugh of it.hahahha...I manage to sing some lovely songs to her in front of all people at the beach.haha. How awesome it was..ngahahha.3month holiday with her has being an amazing moment in my life. Thanks for loving me since we first met till now my love. U have been the most wonderful person that I ever had in my life. I will never ever let  you go. saaaaayyyaaang die!!!!

After all those moment, I realize that sometimes when they are around us, we kind of not much appreciate them. I did have some fight with my siblings and sometimes with my parents. Sometimes I did feel bad about things but. After all, I know that they love me more than I can think. They meant so much to me. So, put your family as the most priority after Allah and Rasulullah. Never hurts their feelings. Appreciate them while they still around you. Love you guys Always... :)

I Love this Girl... :)

My father paling kiri, my mother paling kanan

I Love them more than my life

Shopping with IBU!!!  :)

Ibu and our beloved Jack

Wife to be and kak long

sending of time...sob...sob...

Tears can never show how much I love them and how much they meant to me. I promise to myself, as long as I'm still alive, I will never give up hope on them.

With Love...


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